Knowing Your Audience 14th May 2020

The digital publishing industry is at an inflection point for both audiences and brands.  There is almost too much choice – more content, more models, more platforms, more devices, more or everything. Except, potentially, the one thing everyone wants – more relevancy. 

In today’s environment, convenience and scale win. What if, in the future, we maintain the convenience and scale but overlay that with addressability and accessibility? Allowing brands to work with publishers to deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, across the right platform. Safeguarding their relationships with their audience and thereby safeguarding digital advertising.  Sounds great in theory, but how do we turn theory into reality?  

Next Thursday, May 14th at 10.55am, join Emma Newman, CRO EMEA at PubMatic and some of the leading industry experts as they discuss how by working together, we can tackle this challenge.  

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